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Indian-American fashion design sensation Dr. Shekhar Rahate will make a bold cross-cultural move by sending some of his Hollywood haute couture dresses to Washington, DC in connection with President Obama's 2013 inauguration on January 21st.  Rahate's gowns will be worn by Maria Amor and M.C. Townsend, two truly celestial emissaries from Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

Dr. Rahate was trained in fashion design at the
Dubai Beams International Fashion School.  He recently received his Ph.D. in sociology with a concentration in film, television, and video from Hill College.  Rahate's many design awards considerably hastened the completion date of his degree program.

In 2012 alone Rahate received the Fashion Couturier of the Year Award from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Indo-American Advisory Council; the Versace Award for Global Excellence in Fashion at a Global Independence Day gala in Beverly Hills organized by the US Asia Business Forum; and the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Medal for non-resident Indians at the House of Lords in London. 

Rahate is also slated to receive a Crystal Ball Award as a Visionary Designer from Dr. Laura Wilhelm's Los Angeles-based consulting company LauraWil Intercultural later this year.  This multi-talented designer is a global success story with runway shows in
Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco as well as overseas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Durban, South Africa; Frankfurt, Germany; Luzern, Switzerland; Mumbai, India; and Paris, France.

Dr. Rahate is the only designer in history ever to show at the United Nations.  Rahate's recent display of women's formal wear and headpieces at the International Fashion SuperModel final in
Hollywood on October 24th topped off a Halloween-themed celebrity spectacle.  The IFSM final was broadcast to millions of viewers in the USA and China

Dr. Rahate regularly participates at New York Fashion Week, favoring luxurious locations such as the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  His one of a kind gowns have appeared on red carpets at the Cannes Film Festival as well as the Emmys and the Oscars.

Maria Amor
the reigning Queen of the Philippines-USA with a fine head for business, a deep appreciation of the arts, and a true passion for fashion.  Like Shekhar Rahate she has been recognized many times for her international accomplishments.  Most recently Ms. Amor received the 2011 Elizabeth Taylor Beauty and Humanitarian Award on Global Independence Day of which she is the chief Producer/Coordinator.  This year she was just named a Luminary in Fashion and Beauty at the Image Awards event in Hollywood

Amor and Rahate have teamed up on several fashion events in the Greater Los Angeles area to help raise funds for Ms. Amor's non-profit We Care for Humanity.  Dr. Rahate's native
India was showcased prominently at these events.  He also serves as Regional Director for both the Northern California and Southern California Miss India beauty pageants. 

M.C. Townsend has been the CEO of the Regional Black Chamber of Commerce  (San Fernando Valley-Southern California) since the Year 2000.  This Chamber serves over 35 cities and nearly 350 small, minority, and woman owned businesses that receive empowerment in education, financial strategies, training, and social equality.  In 2011 Townsend was elected as the Chairman of the California State Black Chamber’s Council of Chambers, a large group of minority chambers serving the entire Southern and Northern California area. 

Following a long string of local achievements in LA, Mrs. Townsend was invited to be a Board Director on the National African American Drug Policy Council in
Washington, DC.  In 2012 Townsend was appointed to serve as a National Western Region Spokeswoman jointly with Congresswoman emeritus Dr. Diane Watson on the Women for America Business Issues and Voter Registration Committee as a Los Angeles County representative.  Both Townsend and Watson are under the direction of Lena Kennedy, Southern California Director of the “Women for Obama” Campaign.

As a result Townsend is well acquainted with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, making her a strong advocate for Dr. Rahate's West Coast evening wear in Washington.  The magnificence of Washington, DC will certainly be enhanced by the small dash of Hollywood magic that M.C. Townsend and Maria Amor will soon bring to our nation's capital by wearing Shekhar Rahate's regal designs to mark the upcoming inaugural festivities.

"Of course I couldn't be more excited that some of my finest dresses will finally be seen in
Washington, DC after working so hard for the past 15 years all over the world in the fashion business," exclaims Dr. Rahate.  "2012 was the best year yet for my career.  I am sure that the inaugural event will push me forward all the faster.  The First Lady's commitment to fashion and fashion designers working in the USA is well known.  Maria Amor and M.C. Townsend perfectly exemplify my own dedication to global issues of all kinds.  I am very proud to have them model my designs before some of the most powerful and enlightened leaders anywhere on earth."

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