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Asian actress who discovered her passion for acting at an early age of 10. She appeared on various plays through out her early years , and she began her career performing in community thearte in acting in New York and Lily was soon filming on location for the JV TV-movie in Shenyang China in up coming year Lily explores many passions including acting, modeling, yoga, fashion stylist and Emcee. In 2012 as one of the performer for IFSM Casting Night, in Hollywood, Ca. Lily led her friends to fan favorite performances. Lily is a firm believer in developing unique talented acting skills. In Los Angeles since 2012. she has shown great promise in Hollywood, so far, Woman of the year award from GOD, Fashion Stylist award from Intl Fashion SuperModel committee ,and the committee Chair Michael also quota that” Miss Lily Lisa the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful woman that I’ve ever known”, In 2013,landing a role in the much anticipated first season of IFSM’s TV show What’s hot ! Lily has also filming a short, called “As Always Stand By Me” Lily who was teamed up on the producing team for the feature film “Bug Out” where she will debut in acting role as a police officer chasing down a renegade US Marine hero, is not scared of taking chances in her career. Keeping her busy schedule we caught-up with Lily when she was spotted in Las Vegas at the “International Lingerie” show. Lily was stunning audiences with her exotic look. Nonetheless a day later when she returned to Beverly Hills, our photographers caught-up with her doing publicity photos for Lily’s new role in a Special TV Show “Blessing”, going into production in May 2014.

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