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US Asia Pacific Innovation Cultural is a membership-driven organization dedicated to promoting the development of personal and professional creativity within the cultural industry -- throughout the US and in a number of other Asia countries. Our innovation cultural Organization had over hundreds of members – including academic scholars, producer, writers, calligrapher, painters,  film makers, fashion designer, government officials, foundation officials, managers of arts and cultural organizations and artists – who share an interest in furthering understanding of the economic aspects of the arts and creative culture in their own countries and throughout the world. It holds international summit/conferences every year, sponsors small conferences, workshops, and sessions concerned with innovation cultural economics at meetings of other culture exchange events. Which used innovation cultural as a common medium as a bridge to link between the east and west. It also sponsors the Instyle Fashion Trend Magazine and other artistic publications.

The Innovation Cultural economics is the application of economic analysis to the creative and performing arts, the heritage and cultural industries, in both the public and private sectors. It is concerned with the economic organization of the cultural sector and with the behavior of producers, consumers and governments in that sector.

USAPIC also Call for Nominee Submission:

All scholars, business practitioners, consultants and art-maker with an interest on the economics of culture and the creative industries are encouraged to attend the conference/festival.

Proposals, in the form of a provisional title and an abstract of 100-150 words, along with name, e-mail address, affiliation and position, should be submitted before August 15th, 2012

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